Vegetal milk, chlorophyll, orange and rosemary


The purpose of each of my articles is twofold.

On the one hand, I value and highlight local buying through the discovery of local products and with the help of my subject of preference, creating recipes straight out of my imagination.

The other part focuses on the art of living on a daily basis to create harmony, wellbeing in all simplicity, with awareness and a good dose of gourmet.

Today, I’m introducing you to Les Charlatans, a company from Montreal, which I already told you about in one of my old articles. I love their mixes, the uncluttered list of their ingredients, and the versatility of their product that allows you to create original and tasty recipes, promoting imagination and creativity. In short, a cocktail (no pun intended!) that certainly stimulates me. I invite you to discover them, one bottle at a time.

Les charlatans

Do not tell me that you have no imagination, I do not believe you!

Every day you create and imagine your life, your network, your health, your plate, your path, through your thoughts and what you want. Even if you do not realize it consciously. It's the same for cooking!

Thanks to Les Charlatans, you will be able to practice, especially with the cocktail kit used here. You will find three vials in a nice cotton bag with three different flavours: ginger, cucumber and tarragon, and orange and rosemary.

For your pleasure and mine too, I intentionally propose only three ingredients for my recipe.

All colours chosen consciously are there to honour what I wish to privilege each day in my life, a food, a product at a time. I firmly believe that food has this power and knowing it, we amplify it on several levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and much more!

Vegetal milk, chlorophyll, orange and rosemaryIn my magic potion, you will find the white, with the vegetal milk, source of purity, of sacred, lightness, and shine for me. It's a colour that carries a soft, luminous message with a level well beyond the physical aspect, and who does not need it?

Green with chlorophyll is concentrated energy, vitality, and the power of communication. It reminds me of Nature, the forest, the trees, the flora, and its fabulous ability to communicate in a visible and invisible way, through its networks of leaves, ramifications and channels to bring messages, strength and tools to feed and grow.

I have, without a doubt, a privileged relationship with this one. Nature is for me an open book where all the answers are there, where everything is clear, and paradoxically so complex and simple 

Orange with orange syrup and rosemary is faith in itself, faith in life, the courage to move forward, the intimate conviction that everything is movement and that every day the universe works and conspires for and with us for what’s best for us, even if it doesn’t seem like it when going through difficulties!

Vegetal milk, chlorophyll, orange and rosemaryThis colour appeals to me also for its tonic side, related to food and I think back to the luscious and acidulous oranges, to the curved and ripe melons, to the bouncy apricots, juicy and sweet, coming straight from my memories of my holidays in the South of France, as a little girl, where I have never tasted fruits as succulent! Happy moments engraved in my heart, which stimulate and revive rich connections for the body and mind.

Easy to remember and make evolve according to your mood or situation.

Art of living as per VGtables is about simplifying to lighten our full days, and especially to be able to calmly and with infinite satisfaction, make it a habit in all areas of our life!

By the way, a beautiful quote from the Dalai Lama says: “Simplicity is the key to happiness in the modern world”. I am sure of that and you?

Is your life, your health, your thoughts, your friends, your meals, your daily life, simple or complicated?

Meditate to see more clearly...... and come back on it regularly when you feel stuck on the physical and/or mental level.

We are the only creator of our happiness. And this regular habit should be as essential as drinking water.

And to help you and promote this state of mind, this is my inspiration of the day.

Vegetal milk, chlorophyll, orange and rosemary

Chlorophyll, orange and rosemary vegetal milk


In a shaker, mix the three ingredients and the ice.

Pour into a cocktail, champagne or Martini glass.

Be crazy and explore different shapes of glasses every time!

Everything is done, and everything is possible!

Taste and meditate on the famous quote above.......

Vegetal milk, chlorophyll, orange and rosemaryRelevant note: I chose oatmilk because it is an interesting cereal for many pathologies but especially for stress.... that we unfortunately often encounter in our daily life. So long live the oats!

Chlorophyll, for its cleansing and revitalizing power that appeals to me, and inspires me to use it regularly.

Simplicity, health and flavour in your daily life and on your plate is a PRIORITY. Ask for and value the best and you will have the best, it's as simple as that. Now you decide, so be aware of what you want every moment, that's what you'll get.

Today, I invite you to use this mantra, this mindset to create your space to live with contentment and melodiously, to influence the partition of your life! Expanding all this vibration, your potential is just waiting to hatch! Trust yourself.



Cheers, to the best at all times and for everyone,

Karine Verpillot











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