Allo Simonne

allo simonne

allo simonne

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Allo Simonne spreads are made from hazelnuts and chocolate, natural products that fine connoisseurs, like chocolate lovers, will appreciate without remorse. They are prepared with passion by Quentin & Vincent in Montreal, Canada.


Allo Simonne-Quentin-Vincent

Quentin is an epicurean, always looking for the nice little place for good food, curious to discover the last cake shop that has just opened, while dropping by the chocolatier or the local bakery. That's Quentin, traveler, gourmet, always with this desire to share his finds.

Born in Belgium in 1987, he lived in Africa with his parents until his teenage years. Back in Belgium in 2004, he began his studies in the hospitality sector where his passion for pastry continues to grow. He then worked doing pastries and chocolate in different companies. The desire to travel caught up with him, so he decided to fly to Montreal in 2015. This is where he crosses paths with Patrice Demers and Stéphanie Labelle, where he currently works, at the Rhubarbe pastry shop. In the course of 2017, he began making hazelnut and chocolate spreads, and decided to send samples of his products to the Chocolate Canada's International Competition under the guidance of chocolate maker Daniel Haran (Chocolat Monarque).

This resulted in receiving 3 awards (Gold - Silver - Silver). The idea of ​​marketing his spreads is launched and finally materializes. In December 2017, "Allo Simonne" was born, as a tribute to his grandmother Simonne, whom he always described as an amazing lady. She will have given him the courage to fly away again in a project that allows him to share his pleasure for taste.