Api-flex beeswax wraps

Api-Flex Beeswax wraps

Brébeuf, Quebec, Canada

The Petit rucher du Nord  is a small family beekeeping farm located in Brébeuf, in the Laurentians region. The company specializes in craft production of honey, various bee products and Api-flex beeswax food packaging.

The Petit rucher du Nord aims to offer high quality products while valuing and respecting the titanic work done by precious bees.


api-flex judith-felixFelix, a beekeeper since 1997, manages with his love Judith, a herd of nearly 300 hives spread over fifteen sites offering a diverse flora. The region of Mont-Tremblant is favourable to the harvest of honeys of excellent quality and exceptional flavours, due to the abundant presence of a large variety of wild and cultivated flowers.

As beekeepers, Felix and Judith are in the right place to see the damage that pollution, climate change and pesticides are doing to our environment. Passionate about bees and nature, they created and are marketing Api-flex, an eco-friendly packaging product which uses healthy materials such as beeswax, to do their part for the environment and encourage people to use less plastic and produce less waste.

They believe that big changes can be made through small actions. It is possible for everyone to change their consumption habits, one small step at a time. Using Api-flex is one of the easy (and enjoyable!) small step your family can take to reduce their environmental footprint.

They want everyone to make small changes in their lives that will lead them to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle!