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Compagnie de Thé Bangoshi
Compagnie de Thé Bangoshi

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Bangoshi is a Montreal based company specialized in Japanese matcha tea. They tested over 50 Japanese matchas before choosing the first leading product that is commercialized in Quebec.

The owner of Bangoshi fell in love with Japanese culture while on a trip to Japan and matcha was a perfect way to share this culture through a refined and healthy product. Matcha tea has proven to be a perfect way to convey this experience in an accessible, refined, natural, versatile and health-enhancing product.

Matcha tea is a superfood full of antioxydants, it has caffeine to keep you energized but also L-Theanine to induce calm and concentration.

Bangoshi's mission is to promote the health benefits of matcha green tea and inspire a healthy lifestyle. 


Bangoshi matcha_LeonieLéonie is a young entrepreneur living in the Montreal area. She practiced business law and tax law in a well-known Montreal firm. Many small and large companies landed on her desk and she began to dream: "what if it was possible to have my own business". While travelling in Japan, she discovered a simple product but with a great history and multiple health benefits: the matcha tea. An exhaustive research was then conducted to taste all the different matchas available for export to Canada. The choice landed on a tasty, 100% pure, sugar-free matcha, grown in the famous Uji region near Kyoto. Try this matcha with hot water or with the delicious matcha latte recipe printed behind the bags!

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