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BepOp popcorn

BepOp popcorn

bepOp popcorn

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada

BepOp offers complete kits to make delicious gourmet popcorn cooked in a pot in just a few minutes. They include GMO free, organic kernels and only high quality ingredients to make a healthy vegan treat.

The popcorn kits are offered in different sizes and flavours with beautiful little champagne or purple kernels, locally grown in Quebec, that explode into a bright white flower, fine and delicate on the palate. A thin bark and a pleasure to eat: no more residue between the teeth and easily digested.

The kits are developed and prepared with an environmental concern. They are eco-friendly with packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable.


Bepop popcorn_NadiaFor Nadia, providing a healthy diet to her family has always been very important. This is how the popcorn cooked the traditional way, in a pot, quickly replaced that of the microwave bag so that so this snack could remain a delicious, healthy option. Always looking for new culinary experiences, Nadia discovers different popcorn kernels: white, red, black, small and even very small ... all with distinct characteristics and tastes. She had just rediscovered popcorn and with bepOp, she wanted to share this beautiful find!

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