Dinette Nationale

dinette nationale

dinette nationale

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

When Dinette Nationale started doing its first tests, it was exciting. Catherine, the owner, gave up everything to go back to school. She was crowned Pastry Chef at the ITHQ in 2009. Eager to start Dinette Nationale, she launched with an idea in mind: do everything herself, by hand (except the dishes!).

What does Dinette manufacture? Catherine has fun: she explores flavours sometimes unusual, sometimes classic but always accurate and enjoyable. Catherine loves raw materials: she chooses the best quality ingredients, often local, often organic and transforms them patiently. She selects her suppliers scrupulously. For their kindness and good jokes but also for their hard work and their work ethic. But ultimately, her nose and taste buds guide her. Catherine cooks without faking: she makes purées and dried extracts that will later become meringues, fruit pastes or madeleines. No preservatives, no artificial flavours or hodgepodge colorants. Catherine also has a well kept secret: Yolande. Yolande picks for the Dinette Nationale from the plant, in the air or in the ground all kinds of good things that will become sweet. Blackcurrants, rosehip berries, serviceberries in Kamouraska, light red or dark blue berries in the heights of Bellechasse! Herbs and flowers that taste and smell good! Of course, Yolande is also nice and makes good jokes. And Erica in all this? She sacrifices herself to the most important job: taster. But in addition, she supports, advises, plans, coordinates, encourages and spreads the good news. The rest of the time, she drinks cocktails in a hut in Honolulu, no, she makes raplapla dolls in Montreal.



dinette nationale-catherine

Erica and Catherine make sweet goodies. Born both in 1977 to parents who did not listen to the Sex Pistols, Erica and Catherine love rhubarb, Jura wines, doing things their way, reading cookbooks before falling asleep, lighting a fire, and their hairdresser. They do not like tilapia, cads, the Beatles, or the flavour of watermelon. In 2008, as socially involved people anxious to improve the lot of their fellow citizens, they decided to join forces to offer the people of Montreal a vital element to their happiness: caramel.