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Mouton no ar

Mouton no ar

Mouton no ar

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mouton no ar is a creative design company that specializes in upcycling. Their mission is to conceive and build furniture and accessories made from recycled and high-quality materials. Working in the domain of arts and design, Mouton no ar uses discarded materials and products and strives to give them a new life to increase their value and transform them into superior products. Only certain materials that pose a health risk are not used and counted as recycled.

All of the products are created in limited edition based on the availability of the materials, certain concepts can be reproduced using different materials. Mouton no ar’s creations are conceived with a focus on aesthetics and functionality by using a design-based methodology to attain realistic and remarkable levels of detail.

The idea of ​​launching this business came to the founders when they found that a lot of materials were put in the trash. They wondered: why not reuse the materials instead of throwing them in the garbage?

After long research, they came to the conclusion that the best way to furnish and decorate ecologically and tastefully, at low cost, is to buy unique pieces made from recovered materials.

Mouton no ar was selected by the Brazilian Consulate in Montreal to exhibit their products at the World Design Summit. They also won a first grant at Est innove, an initiative of Mobilisons Montréal in partnership with the City of Montreal, offered by PME MTL centre-est.


Mouton no ar_maude_alencarCreativity lives within them and inspires them. Innovation is always welcome in the manufacture of furniture and decorative accessories. Both founders are graduates in a profession that has the same root.

At the origin of Mouton no ar are Alencar Ferreira and Maude Turenne-Thériault, two passionate people, visionaries, from different cultures and open to the world.

Maude Turenne-Thériault has worked for more than 10 years in the restaurant industry, thus cumulating a lot of experience with customer service, which makes her an expert in customer relations. She also has a background in visual presentation and interior design, and received the best student award in May 2016. At the end of her studies, she had the opportunity to do an internship at ISM art and design where she met Alencar Ferreira and familiarized herself with the techniques of making decorative elements.

Alencar has a degree in industrial design. He taught industrial design in Brazil for more than 15 years and ran his company for 18 years. He was responsible for scenography contracts as well as contracts for Industrial Design. Additionally, he is a PhD student in graphic design.

Alencar’s expertise in design, Maude's in-depth knowledge of furniture as well as their love for decoration and the preservation of the environment make Mouton no ar stand out in the industry.

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