Qantu chocolate

Qantu chocolate


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Founded in February 2017, Qantu makes bean-to-bar chocolate using only native cocoa. The founders regularly visit the plantations of Latin America to find exceptional cocoa while developing sustainable partnerships with producers. All of the cocoa used by Qantu comes from direct trade with producer cooperatives.

Qantu has already won 2 gold medals and a silver medal among 900 samples in an international competition in London (Academy of Chocolate Awards) and this with 3 products listed, in addition to winning the special prize for the best newcomer at the international level for 2017.

The word Qantu, which comes from the native language Quechua, is a symbol of unity and hospitality, it is the name of the national flower of Peru and Bolivia. This flower is found in the Peruvian Andes and this is where the founders first met.


Elfi_Maxime_QantuTen years ago, Elfi, an industrial engineer by training, and Maxime, a specialist in database management, met in Cusco, Peru, and fell in love instantly ... This story transported them to the world of cocoa in 2014 during their first visit to a plantation, Alto El Sol in northern Peru, where the immense passion and pride of producers for cocoa jostled the course of their lives.
By researching cocoa, they discovered chocolate made from bean-to-bar by small artisans. That's when the idea of ​​starting a business together started to form. In 2016, they selected producers, bought small equipment and imported their first cocoa beans.
Since then, Elfi and Maxime travel to Latin American plantations in search of native cocoa beans with exceptional aromas. Then, in their workshop, they transform these beans by hand into tablets of pure happiness that will surprise your taste buds.