Quelle Histoire!

Quelle Histoire!

Quelle Histoire!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Quelle Histoire! is a collection of household linens telling the history of heritage breeds and seeds as well as Quebec's culinary emblems. These are illustrated by renowned Quebec designers and illustrators, including Daniel Robitaille from Paprika, Pascale Bourguignon and Marc Fortin, independent illustrators, who also won an international design award for this work.

The design of a Quelle Histoire! linen requires 3 months of work. Once the research is completed, the creation of the image is entrusted to the designers and illustrators. Only one illustration may require up to 25 mock-ups. Part of the revenue from the sale of the linens is donated to Slow Food, dedicated to the advancement of a good, clean and fair nutrition. 

The linens can also be framed. It’s good to know that they fit perfectly in frames with an image size of 29 x 39 cm.


Quelle Histoire! Sophie Lachapelle

A professional journalist for 20 years, Sophie Lachapelle founded Quelle Histoire! in 2015. The company designs and markets a collection of designer home linens that tell the story of Quebec's heritage breeds and seeds, as well as its culinary emblems. These dish cloths and aprons are a pretext for sharing our history, because she strongly believes that food is a gateway to the knowledge of oneself and others, as well as to exchange and pleasure.