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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
5eptentrional is an emergent business that wants to lead the glass bottle recycling in Quebec. In fact, there are no established returns in our province for the wine bottles and they believe this environmental issue should be addressed carefully. Their mission is to give a second life to glass bottles in an eco-design way. Their goal is to inspire others to contribute to help the environment. Their vision is to find a sustainable way to save all bottles that would otherwise be buried. They hope you will tag along with this journey and help them make our world a better place.



For 9 years, Jessica worked in the field of hospitality and catering. She realized that the management of glass bottles is a huge dilemma in our province. As many people know, bottles of wine and spirits are not recycled in Quebec. They are sent to the sorting centre and redirected to landfill sites...

Having always wanted to help the society and participate in the changes she wants to see in this world, she becomes the first Quebecer to start a business in the field of repurposing glass bottles specifically.

For a year she thought about this project. She began to accumulate bottles that restaurateurs and friends give her! Her studio now totals more than 3,000 bottles, with a possible production of 30-50 handicrafts per day.

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