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Domaine des 15 lots

Domaine des 15 lots 

Domainde des 15 lots 


Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec, Canada

The Domaine des 15 lots is a company located in St-Julien, in the Appalachian Mountains. Belonging to the Simoneau family, this family-owned maple grove has been in operation for more than 25 years and boils its maple syrup on wood. It bottles about 300 bottles each day in the spring to offer syrup with a slightly different taste from day to day.

Wanting to differentiate their maple syrup from others who, in general, all use the same can, the Domaine des 15 lots was created to present an exceptional syrup made with rigour and love. That's how they offer you tasty syrups in a beautiful bottle with various shades as well as other derived products such as maple butter, sugar and sugar loaf.


Nathalie Simoneau- Domaine des 15 lots Growing up in the sugar world, Nathalie is a pastry chef who has worked in different restaurants for the past 10 years. Along with her brother and sister, she bought her parents' maple grove. That’s when she created Domaine des 15 lots with the goal of commercializing all their production. They do the harvest all together and bottle the maple syrups in addition to transforming it in different traditonnal produces.

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