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FiouRosemère, Québec, Canada

FIOU aprons are the best partners in your kitchen! Cooking with friends and family is always pleasant and fulfilling; and FIOU helps create these precious moments! The aprons are all made in Quebec (Canada) with quality materials, they are easy to care for and have a unique look!

FIOU was created in 2009 by Kathleen Brennan in Laval. Focusing on local production, quality materials and unique designs, the company quickly made a name for itself.

In 2016, FIOU changes owners to Dorianne Deshaies, accompanied by her husband and their three daughters. The meeting between the family and Mrs. Brennan took place in 2015 during the Grande Journée des Petits Entrepreneurs, an event in which the children participated with their company, Les Ateliers C'est Chouette. Their common passion for sewing had woven links from this first meeting!

A love story with sewing!


Fiou - Doriane Deshaies

Passionate about entrepreneurship, she sold hair elastics to her friends at the age of 11. Already, she loved sewing and things handmade. Since 2016, Dorianne is proud to offer people aprons of high quality, made in Quebec. She wants her aprons to be part of your family stories and culinary traditions.

Create delicious moments with FIOU, the cream of aprons!

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