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What are the fees on TasteBuds Boutique?

Tastebuds Boutique offers flexible packages tailored to your needs to help you open your boutique on our platform and support you with key visibility to promote your business and drive more sales. There are five different packages. Please refer to the section above for more details.

What do I need to do to create a boutique?

It's easy to set up a boutique on TasteBuds Boutique. After finalizing the package you chose and related agreement with TasteBuds Boutique, you need to create an account if you haven't done so to start building your boutique. You’ll need to follow the steps to choose your location, name, create your listings, set payment methods and delivery as well as fill in other details. The TasteBuds Boutique team will support you along the way to get you setup as easily as possible.

What can I sell on TasteBuds Boutique?

TasteBuds Boutique is a marketplace for local food artisans and related food products.

How can I be payed?

TasteBuds Boutique will make payments to you once they have taken their commission fees. More details are agreed with you in the official agreement.

How can I pay my package if I choose one?

When the agreement and terms of payment are agreed with TasteBuds Boutique, you will be able to pay your fees through automatic withdrawal on your credit card as per the official agreement.

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