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Our partners believe in supporting local businesses to help them grow.  
Meet the companies who support our artisans, and if you're one of our artisans yourself, contact them to collaborate!



Fruit O Bureau replaces donuts with a healthy snack! Fruit O Bureau offers Montreal and its surroundings a delivery service of fresh quality fruit baskets, directly to your office. Something to encourage healthy eating habits at work, enhance the well-being of your employees and enrich your corporate culture!

Quality, freshness and maturity of the fruits guaranteed (10 varieties and more per basket).

Claudine Larivière Nutrition


Claudine has been a consultant, columnist, speaker and moderator for over ten years! She works with businesses, individuals, athletes, entrepreneurs and students to increase their productivity and reach their full potential through health and nutrition. Claudine also offers nutritional analysis and labeling services for new food products that must comply with Health Canada regulations!

LD Translation


LD Culinary translation's mission to offer specialized French/English bilingual communications services which actively support the growth of farm, food and drink businesses.
Client profiles include marketing and communications agencies, restaurants and caterers, farmers and producers, food transformation and distribution companies, culinary media.
Projects include translating, editing, adapting and copywriting sales and marketing tools, menus, websites, packaging labels and product descriptions, and standardizing recipes.

Le Coup de Grâce-Samuel Joubert


Samuel Joubert is addicted to good food. It all started a long time ago but in a recap, he always wanted to note down his creations and take pictures of them. Here is the result! He. also has a granny side that he assumes. He loves old rusted forks, table cloths that are torn apart and handmade plates with ducks on it. SO WHAT? The important part is to have fun while doing it. He is not a professional chef, far from it. One sure thing, he loves adventure and trying new things, especially in the kitchen!

Le Think Room marketing-design


Le Think Room offers marketing communications and design services, including food packaging and labels. 

Le Think Room's contributors have extensive experience in the field. They bring a tailored approach based on personalization and simplicity to meet the needs of clients. Regardless of the mandate, Le Think Room  accompanies its clients with rigour and attention in order to contribute to their success.

Propulsio conseillers d'affaires 360


Propulsio 360° is a one-stop shop for all business needs offering both legal and business consulting services! We are called upon to offer our highly personalized services to both startups and well-established businesses in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. 

Centrale culinaire cuisine commerciale


La Centrale culinaire is the first collaborative culinary creation space in Montreal. Ideal place for craftsmen and caterers to start, perfect for a batch of spaghetti sauce or to celebrate an aunt's birthday, kitchen and meeting room are available for rental, production and reception.

The strength of the culinary centre lies in the combination and multiplicity of the knowledge of each, creating a greater effect in synergy than if taken individually. Combine and coordinate several elements, whatever they may be, which interact together, to nourish our ideas, to enhance our achievements. That is the mission behind the project. The combined force of the forces is greater than the sum of the forces of the individual reflections.

La qualité conseil


L.A. Quality Conseil was born from a finding; the need for strategic and personalized support to food companies, beyond the response to regulatory requirements (MAPAQ, CFIA, GFSI ...) or customer requirements.

They know that entrepreneurship is not easy; time, money, passion to inject profusely. That's why they've adapted traditional consulting services to a scalable and adjusted service for every phase of a company. Whether you are in post-start-up, start-up, or in a growth stage, subcontracting or producing in your premises, they will take your projects to heart and guide you in this wonderful regulated world of food processing.

Alain Savaria CPA


After a 15-year career in management at BMO and at the Molson Brewery, he started his accounting firm in 1992.

Alain's mission is to train and support entrepreneurs to achieve the results they have set for themselves, while respecting tax laws, in order to keep the most possible in revenue. In parallel, he set up the ASP training course in business start-up in 1998 in Longueuil. Since then, he has taught and coached more than 1,880 entrepreneurs until 2016.

He has also taken part in more than 15 missions in West Africa to develop marketing and accounting training, and has created more than 380 with knowledge in business associations.

Alain supports entrepreneurs in the production of their financial statements, income tax returns and the development of tax planning that takes into account the profits of their business as well as their personal and family income in order to minimize their taxes and achieve their financial objectives.

Alain regularly speaks with the business community.

For the dates of his next conferences, consult his website or contact him at