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Coupe Feu – Haskap Berry and Lime Butter
Camerises Mistouk

Coupe Feu – Haskap Berry and Lime Butter

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Coupe Feu – the haskap berry and lime butter is composed of four ingredients that relieve the burning sensation of hot pepper.

The butter, containing the casein molecule, eliminates the capsaicin sensors responsible for the burning sensation of hot pepper.

Lemon and haskap, containing citric acid in great quantity, break down capsaicin in the mouth, and also protect the stomach.

Maple syrup, a sugar that fixes fatty substances such as the capsaicin, diverts attention from the brain thanks to its delicious primary flavour.

The fibres of the apples wrap around the capsaicin and facilitate its transit.

For a maximum and instant effect, take a spoonful and circulate it in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Repeat if not enough.

Other than cutting the burning sensation of hot pepper, it can accompany desserts, lunches and healthy snacks.


Haskap berries, apples, maple syrup, butter, lemon and lime juice, boreal spices.


212 ml.

Shelf life & Storage

2 years before opening in the pantry and up to 5 months in the fridge after opening.


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