Honduras José Anaen Rivera Specialty Coffee
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Honduras José Anaen Rivera Specialty Coffee

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With hazelnut, blackberry, plum and brown sugar tasting notes, this specialty coffee from Honduras is part of two lots recently purchased in direct trade. For the first time, José Anaen Rivera's coffee is bought abroad. Traditionally in this region, coffee is bought by men nicknamed "coyotes". They buy coffee at absolutely ridiculous prices, often well below cost.
94 Celcius is proud to participate in the entrepreneurial development of José Anaen Riviera in the hopes to be able to accompany them in their efforts and thus support them as best they can. This partnership provides José Anaen Rivera with considerably more financial support than the local market price.

José Anaen began his adventure on his farm, the Bendicion, in 2004. He is the first member of his family to buy a coffee plantation. At the time of his purchase, the land served as pasture, quietly José planted his hectare with a variety of coffee called Catuai. Catuai is a variety susceptible to get the disease of orange rust coffee, and unfortunately, 6 years later, his crop was ravaged in its entirety. For financial reasons, the farm remained inactive until 2014, when he chose to plant the IHCAFE variety. This variety is more tolerant to the pathogen. Since then, at the time of harvest, José Ana is found on the top of the mountain, where his land is, with his family.

His financial reality allows only a motorcycle as means of transport, so José must elaborate a complex organization of the transport of his family during the harvest. He sends his wife and children to the city on the motorcycle and unfortunately for him, he has to walk behind to join them; which means walking distances of more than 2:30 hours every time.

Anaen's dreams in the future are to buy a larger area of ​​land to maximize his coffee production and of course, he would like to buy a small car to facilitate family movement between the land and the neighbouring village.

Farmhouse: Finca La Bendición
Region: Santa Barbara
Variety: IHCAFE 90
Altitude: 1150m
Process: Washed
Producer: José Anaen Rivera




340 g.

Shelf life & Storage

Once roasted, the flavours are at their best for a duration of 2 months and must be consumed one year after roasting.

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