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Lime & Pepper Syrup Les Charlatans
Les Charlatans

Lime & Pepper Cocktail Syrup

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Les Charlatans’ Lime and Pepper syrup is made from organic pressed and hand-peeled limes and an infusion of whole malabar pepper. The slightly tangy and acidulous flavour cleverly balances the sweet sensation of this syrup. This is a perfect substitute for traditional cordial lime and will add a touch of refinement to your cocktails. Perfect, among other things, to enhance a Margarita or Gimlet. Of course, you can spoil yourself and use this syrup on ice cream, sparkling water, in your cooking or to make pastries.


Water, organic sugar cane, lime, black pepper.


235 ml.

Shelf life & Storage

After opening you can keep it 6 months in the fridge.


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