Pack of Marine Collection Tea Towels

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Those tea towels representing marine life are great for drying your hands, dishes or for polishing glasses in the bar. Hand silkscreen printed on 100% fair trade organic cotton using water based ink in an eco-friendly print studio.

The first, The Narwhals or the unicorns of the sea, are majestic and fascinating mammals that are really fun to draw. Who ever thought a tooth could grow through your lip and become a horn? Of course sailors dreamed a horn like that came from a horse, a unicorn... the proportions are so odd, you would never place it on a whale.

The second, the Gulden Leeuw tall ship set sail in the summer of 2017 from Nunavut with a crew of Inuit and Mi'kmaq youth at the helm as part of a leadership training program.

When she was researching ships that sailed from the arctic in recent years ( for a polar theme collection) she came across this story in the Nunatsiaq News community newspaper and thought it was a really interesting story of indigenous youth subverting the icon of the tall ship, a symbol of colonization and the genocide of indigenous people and culture in North America.

Materials and Colours

Organic cotton. Black printing.


L: 53 cm W: 53 cm.


Machine wash and dry. Iron on the cotton setting (high) after washing for a crisp look when hanging in the kitchen. Use a laundry spray on stained areas, taking care to avoid the printed image. This product will shrink slightly after the first washing.