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Pérou Jaén Espresso Coffee-94 Celcius
94 Celcius

Pérou Jaén Espresso Specialty Coffee

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This coffee from northern Peru is particularly good in espresso and creamy latte. With a delicious taste of freshly sliced almonds, it will charm adventurers who like to explore different tastes.

This coffee is the fruit of an organic cooperative that aims to support the multiple independent farmers of the city of Jaén in the region of Cajamarca. This grouping allows low-production farmers to come together to offer a competitive product and to carve out a place of their own in the international market.

Region: North Cajamarca

Variety: Typica, Caturra and Bourbon

Altitude: 1400m - 1600m

Process: Washed




340 g.

Shelf life & Storage

Once roasted, the flavours are at their best for a duration of 2 months and must be consumed one year after roasting.

* In order to offer you a fresh coffee, orders are expedited every Tuesday following your purchase.

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