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Sea Buckthorn Syrup Les Charlatans
Les Charlatans

Sea Buckthorn Cocktail Syrup

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Sea buckthorn is a shrub originating in parts of Asia and Europe and is now found throughout Quebec because it has the distinction of tolerating wide variations in temperature. Cultivated for its fruits, small orange berries, it is found in juice, jelly, liquor, jam, ice cream or in sauces to accompany fish for example. The Charlatans syrup with sea buckthorn reveals the acidity of the fruit and blends well with cocktails based on gin, white rum or vodka. Of course, you can spoil yourself and use this syrup on ice cream, sparkling water, in your cooking or to make pastries.


Sea buckthorn, organic sugar cane, water.


235 ml

Shelf life & Storage

After opening you can keep it 6 months in the fridge. 

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