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Stade olympique Tea Towel - Set of 2

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I have hope for the general sentiment towards the Olympic Stadium.

It was super expensive for the city to build and isn't the most hospitable of edifices to be honest. But these days the neighbourhood around it is really transforming.

There’s so much to do and see in the area- the Biodome, the Planetarium, the Montreal Impact stadium. I love going to the Marché Maisonneuve which is also nearby, and there's tonnes of new bars and restaurants popping up in the area. I dunno. It's a big weird looking building but it's become the centre of a cool part of the city.

We can go skating there in the winter, and go to the Botanical Gardens in the summer. What's not to love?

This towel is great for drying your hands, dishes, or for polishing glasses in the bar.


Hand silkscreen printed on 100% fair trade organic cotton using water based     ink in an eco-friendly print studio.


Dimensions: L: 70 cm W: 48 cm

Machine wash and dry.  Iron on the cotton setting (high) after washing for a crisp look when hanging in the kitchen. Use a laundry spray on stained areas, taking care to avoid the printed image.  

This product is 100% cotton and will shrink slightly after the first washing. 

This is a hand printed item and as a result may have some irregularities and quirks that make it unique. Just like you :) 

The colour may vary slightly in real life from the display of your computer screen or smart phone. 




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