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The spice box
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The spice box

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Are you a foodie? Do you like to disccover, to cook? This box is perfect for experimenting and playing with flavours and smells. Different spices to try with a multitude of dishes. And why not dare to enhance it with a little spicy sauce?


  • Thyme spices 70 g - Joun
  • Sumac spices 70 g - Joun
  • Fish & tartare spices 30 g - Origine Boréale
  • White meat & poultry spices 30 g - Origine Boréale
  • Wild mushroom salt 55 g - Origine Boréale
  • BBQ spices 125 g - Origine Boréale
  • Berry mustard 190 ml - Origine Boréale
  • Hot sauce La Métisse Boréal Spirit 148 ml - Camerises Mistouk

Please note that since products are hand made, flavours may vary to ensure you get the freshest products.

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